Our Story
Our Story

Znya Organics Inspiration

One of the co-founders of Znya Organics had suffered from skin allergy illness for 2 years. She took doses, did several skin tests, do whatever doctor told her to do, stop eating suspicious food for illness. Nothing can recover her. Doses over doses. One day doctor told her to stop taking doses, just because to step up to take shots, it is worse. Before it was too late. She got an advice from her cousin not to use any kind of soap, she hesitated at first, but because she didn’t want to take shot. Finally she decided to stop using any kind of soap. It was a miracle. The illness was gradually recovered, she started to reduce doses and at the end of one month, she was completely recovered from skin allergy. No shot, No more dose, No more rash, No more soap. She started to study about soap ingredients and all other chemicals in body care products. She had to be frightened by the information she got. What did she use every day for bathing (does she really clean herself or adding chemicals in)? SLS, SLes, paraben, formaldehydes, preservatives, artificial coloring, artificial fragrant, and on and on and on chemicals in nowadays “body care” products. She was alert and realized what was going on for her illness, probably lots of people illness. She has changed her lifestyle into an organic lifestyle…she knows she has to pay more at the cashier but she knows what she is taking, eating and bathing and she is willing to ,rather than get sick, and pay at the doctor office. She already experienced it once but not twice.

Organically living has changed her to become healthy, aware and informative person.

With her passion of cooking and realization of what is going on the capitalism market, she made herself and her families organic soaps and other products to use in her household. Later on she realized that she should spread out these wonderful products and tell people why organics is good and why people should learn more about the products that they are consuming.

Znya Organics has been found here.

Now she enjoys making organic soaps and other organic products for herself, her families and her loved ones, especially her 3 years old daughter (her daughter will always ask if she has her new kind of soaps to enjoy for her bath time). Definitely she enjoys making organic products for YOU so that no one will ever get sicked like she did. Come and Join the moment of healthy bathing, healthy living and healthy eating with us. Cheers.